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August 20, 2014

Playing Around the Embarcadero: Sue Bierman Park

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Let’s face it. The success of a family trip is determined by how well the adults can manage to balance the ratio of kid vs adult activities. Sometimes we luck out and find an activity that appeals equally to both. That’s where the playground comes in. Fresh air. Exercise. Beautiful scenery. And rest for the adults. Our newest playground is on the Embarcadero across from Pier 1 at Washington Street. It is nestled behind the Embarcadero Center in an area that was once a nondescript plot of land. The ‘Playground in Sue Bierman Park’ is a joint effort of the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association and Rincon Hill neighbors working with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Just find the Ferry Building and start walking north. Once you are in front of Pier 1, cross the street and you will arrive at this oasis. You may want to grab a coffee from Starbucks first. The park has a large expanse of grass that is perfect for picnicking or running around. The playground is fenced in and all adults must be accompanied by a child. You will find lots of equipment to climb on and slide down.

When you are done at this waterfront playground cross back over to the Embarcadero and continue north to the Exploratorium and Pier 39. Or just take a nap in the noonday sun…

Photo by Gary Stevens / CC BY

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