David Lawrence from 1300 Fillmore

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September 3, 2014
David Lawrence from 1300 Fillmore

Talking with Chef David Lawrence of 1300 Fillmore

Chef David Lawrence

Learn from some of the city’s top chefs about the best places to go for late night grub, their favorite recipes and what makes San Francisco dining utterly unique. David Lawrence, Executive Chef of 1300 Fillmore, discusses his favorite type of cuisine and the influence San Francisco has on his “Soulful American” menu. His speciality is “comfort food, done well" and includes fried chicken with whipped potatoes, fresh water shrimp hush puppies and barbecue shrimp served with creamy hominy grits, to name just a few of his mouthwatering dishes.

What are your recommendations for the best, late night eats in San Francisco?


Who is your favorite chef?

Me. :)

What inspired you to become a chef?

I was hungry. :) …And my love for cooking and the kitchen.

What is your favorite food or style and why (seafood, Thai, Indian, etc.)?

Depends on how I feel. I like them all.

How does San Francisco influence you as a chef?

Living here in San Francisco for 25 years, influence is everywhere.

What is your favorite San Francisco neighborhood and why?

Fillmore, of course, because I live there.

David Lawrence has been in the Bay Area whipping up eclectic food since he left his native London in 1988. Prior to opening his own restaurant, Lawrence served as Chef de Cuisine at 231 Ellsworth Restaurant in San Mateo (to many accolades and awards) and then led the kitchen Cityscape Restaurant in San Francisco. He has a passion for helping those in need and while at Cityscape he devised and implemented the “Chefs for Kids” program, raising thousands of dollars for the Tenderloin After School program. The City of San Francisco recognized his efforts by awarding him a proclamation, declaring March 10, 1994 as “David Lawrence Day.” Now the Executive Chef of 1300 Fillmore, he specializes in “Soulful American” cuisine combining French cooking techniques with hints of southern flavors using fresh, local ingredients.

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