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August 17, 2015

These Restaurants are the Reason San Francisco is so Delicious Right Now

If you've asked anyone who's been to San Francisco, local or visitor, they'll tell you that the culinary scene by the bay has always been the most forward-thinking, creative and delicious in the country. However, with the evergrowing access to sustainable, local food everywhere, the culinary glow of San Francisco has faded over the last few years. Until now. San Francisco has six restaurants in Bon Appetit's top 50, so it's no wonder that the city was recently been named the best food city in the country right now by Bon Appetit. That's more than any other city. 

San Francisco is back on the top of everyone's mind because of these incredibly delicious and creative restaurants. You'll want to try all of them.

Aatxe (2174 Market St.)
Opened by the Ne Timeas restaurant group (Flour + Water, Central Kitchen, Salumeria) in April of 2015, this is their first endeavor into Spanish Tapas. We've sung their praises about the fantastic wine program they have in the past. Now it's time to talk about the food. Built around small plates and cockails, this is the perfect place to try everything on the menu. Don't leave without eating a pintxo (small Spanish snack) or their escabeche.

AL's Place (1499 Valencia St.)
Named after the chef Aaron London (get it?), this tiny, intimate restaurant has been on our radar since the beginning of the year. The star in the casual, sun-filled room? Vegetables. London obsessives over them, from root to tip, using a variety of techniques from pickling to specific herb pairing. In a city as picky as San Francisco, anyone with any type of dietary restriction can come here and find something absolutely delicious. Don't leave without eating the french fries, the fritters or the curry (whatever it is that day).

Lazy Bear (3416 Valencia St.)
Lazy Bear has been around in San Francisco for some time as the darling pop-up with an incredible tasting menu and communal tables, that make it feel more like a dinner party than an actual restaurant. Within the last year, Lazy Bear found a permanent home in the Mission District. We're happy to report that it is as quirky and communal as it has always been. Don't leave without making an effort to know your table (you can only order the tasting menu). It's a dinner party after all.

Liholiho Yacht Club (871 Sutter St.)
When one thinks of Asian fusion, spam isn't the first thing that comes to mind. That's a good thing for Liholiho Yacht Club, because they are ventureing into waters less treaded before with items like their out of this world, off-menu spam masubi or spam fried rice. Even if you've never had spam before, the minute you walk into LYC, you'll be welcomed by the words Aloha and be comforted by other Hawaiian items like poke. Don't leave without eating the tuna poke and the spam.

The Progress (1525 Fillmore St.)
Anything that Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza open instantly make our stomachs rumble. After opening up State Bird Provisions to delight of our tastebuds, they've stuck with their original concept (before SBP) and opened up the Progress, which has become one of the hardest tables to dine at in the city. As SPB reminaged dim sum, the Progress reimagines the family dinner. Don't leave without eating the lamb tartare and the pig ear salad.

Rintaro (82 14th St.)
At this West Coast Izakaya, every detail is meticulously crafted so that once you cross the threshold, you'll be transported back to Tokyo. If you've ever been there, you know how amazing it is to eat animal parts on a stick in an alley way. If you haven't, you'll instantly fall in love. Don't leave without eating the yakitori (and try and get a seat at the bar).

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