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July 3, 2019

The Top Ten Bloody Marys in San Francisco

We asked our Facebook and Twitter communities what bar or restaurant has the best Bloody Mary in town. We certainly weren't prepared for the response we received (49 different places were recommended!). San Francisco is definitely a Bloody Mary town (among other things.) If someone tells you differently, they have not tried one here yet. Having a Bloody Mary (or several) in San Francisco should be on everyone's bucket list.

Without further ado, here are the top ten Bloody Marys in San Francisco as recommended by our Facebook and Twitter communities:

10. Elite Cafe (Map)

"If variety is the spice of life, then Elite is your go-to for keeping the spice in your weekend! Not only do they offer you three levels of Bloody Mary brilliance, but each has a different level of kick to it that will be sure to wake you up and ready you for the day (or for the evening, depending on when you rolled out of bed). For just eight and a half bucks, you can enjoy The Elite Bloody Mary with either SKYY, Jalapeno-Infused SKYY, or Habanero-Infused SKYY. Keep it spicy." - SF Examiner

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9. St. Regis Hotel

"In San Francisco, center of the sustainable food movement, it's the Golden Gate Mary, made with Don Julio tequila and chile-pepper-infused tomato water. It's served in a martini glass rimmed with Worcestershire sauce and dipped in a celery salt-white pepper mix, garnished with a large slice of dried heirloom tomato. The effect is an elegant, pale orange drink that's crisp and fiery, not pulpy or boozy. It's not vulgar, but it is bloody good, and we'll drink to that." - San Francisco Chronicle

8. House of Shields (Map)

"This place is rad! I usually come because of (they) make some killer Bloody Marys..." - Yelp

7. Hi Dive (Map)

"Bloody Marys that are extra spicy are extra good. Looking forward to coming back for them." - Yelp

6. The Ramp (Map)

"There’s no other bar like The Ramp in the city, and what else are you going to drink while passing a slow, sunny day overlooking the water? The stiff Bloody Marys here prompted a haiku: Dream of life on boats Why aren’t there more garnishes? Tricky walking now" - The Bold Italic

5. The Cliff House

"I love the Cliff House. Period. The Bloody Marys are to die for, the views are breathtaking, the clam chowder is amazing, and the sourdough and sweet bread will take you to heaven." - Yelp

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4. 500 Club (Map)

"You know it’s serious when a dive bar has a little crate at the end of the bar filled with V8s, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and seasoning shakers. Bloody Marys here are confusingly cheap, and when you order one, the stools of regulars nod approval. These Bloodys have a little barley bite (hello, splash of Guinness) and come with enough garnishes – baby corn, pickles, pepperoncinis, Slim Jims or bacon – to be a light, almost healthy, lunch." - The Bold Italic

3. Harvey's (Map)

"Indulge your inner Mary at Harvey's (500 Castro at 18th St.) with its array of Bloody Mary cocktails including Bloody Mary Wilson, Bloody Mary Martin, Bloody Maria Callas, and Bloody Maria Montez. But, hell, it's two holidays in one today, so we're just going to go ahead and make an executive decision: You need the Bloody Mary Tyler Moore, so named for the prescient addition of "Moore liquor," specifically a combo of Smirnoff and pepper vodkas." - SF Weekly

2. Zuni Café (Map)

"Zuni Café’s Bloody is sexy, of course. Discovering tomato water as the secret for dear Mary’s ideal body balance is worth the price of admission. It starts simply, with salt and pepper, Tabasco and tomato juice, and gets creative with the addition of tomato water, six-year-aged balsamic vinegar, and chopped red onion relish. I’m not usually an onion fan, but when they kept creeping up my straw, I had to embrace the wet crunch." - The Bold Italic

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1. Zeitgeist (Map)

"At first you might be turned off by the abrasiveness of the bartenders, who don't act warm and friendly, especially when you order Bloody Marys. But this is a good thing — you want your Bloody Marys to be as spicy and saucy as the bartender shaking them up. And there's no better spot to cure your hangover with a Bloody Mary and a burger." - SF Weekly

Photo by the fooodhoe / CC BY

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