It's the best kept secret in the Bay—literally. See why a journey to Treasure Island is sure to please your tastebuds.

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June 17, 2019
Treasure Island is full of surprises. Photo courtesy of Woods Island Club.

Where to Eat and Drink on Treasure Island

There's an island in San Francisco Bay that's absolutely worth a visit—and this time, we don't mean Alcatraz. We're talking about Treasure Island, the tiny man-made island in the shadow of the Bay Bridge. It's been many things in the past: the site of a World's Fair, a popular location for film and TV shoots, and an active naval base. Now, Treasure Island is enjoying another lease on life as an up-and-coming culinary destination. Here are the places you can get craft beer, locally-sourced wine, and excellent food, all of it surrounded by breathtaking views of San Francisco.

Woods Island Club (422 Clipper Cove Way)

Woods Beer has multiple taprooms around the Bay Area, but we think the best one to go to is on Treasure Island. The Woods Island Club features picnic tables, palm trees, and even a sandy beach. They brew all kinds of beers, from IPAs to saisons to herbal ales. The Island Club serves up empanadas, but not much else is on the menu yet. That just means that you'll have to explore Treasure Island's other eateries, such as ...

Aracely Cafe (401 13th St.)

Any place that offers brunch seven days a week is a winner in our book. And when you see the extensive menu at Aracely Cafe, we think it will be a winner in yours, too. Everything from risotto balls to cornmeal waffles to rack of lamb is yours for the asking. They have a great drink menu, as well.

MerSea (699 Avenue of the Palms)

Plenty of massive container ships pass through the Bay on their way to the Port of Oakland—which makes eating at MerSea, a restaurant that is built inside repurposed shipping containers, a very meta experience. The offerings here are a little simpler but by no means less satisfying. There's ceviche, fish and chips, and a creation known as The Jersey Girl Sandwich, just to name a few.

Fat Grape Winery (1080 Avenue M)

Fat Grape Winery has a special distinction that has nothing to do with its wines. It's housed in what might be the most unusual building on Treasure Island: the old Navy brig! What once held unruly sailors now holds some premium sulfite-free wines. They're small volume but high quality. Stop by for a free tasting!

Sol Rouge Vineyard & Winery (29 Avenue G)

This winery gets its name from the red soil of its vineyards, located north of Napa Valley in a very fertile area for wine cultivation. Their Treasure Island tasting room is open to the public on weekends and by appointment on weekdays.

Treasure Island Wines (995 Ninth St.)

This was the first operational winery and tasting room on the island. Today, they share their space with a number of artisanal winemakers, which means visitors to their tasting room are getting a lot more variety than they might expect. They plan a number of seasonal events throughout the year, and you can arrange for private tastings as well.

VIE Winery (448 Clipper Cove Way)

Their grapes grow elsewhere, but VIE Winery's tasting room is on Treasure Island. VIE specializes in Rhone varietal and Zinfandel-based wines. Their establishment on Treasure Island features an outdoor bocce ball court that you can reserve before your visit.

The Winery SF (30 Avenue G)

They're not the only tasting room on Treasure Island, but they are the recipients of many top awards and all-star ratings for their various vintages. At The Winery SF, you can taste assorted reds and whites, become a part of their wine club, or even stage a special private event, from a company happy hour to a wedding!

Getting There

A trip to Treasure Island requires a bit of planning, as there is currently only one Muni bus line, 25 Treasure Island which leaves from the temporary Transbay Terminal, that services the island. Your best bet, especially if you plan to sample some beer and wine, is to get there via ride share, like Lyft or Uber.

Explore San Francisco's other neighborhoods, restaurants, and wineries and start planning your visit today.


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