Here's where you can sample millionaire's bacon, the latest culinary sensation sweeping San Francisco.

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March 15, 2018

Where to Chow Down on Millionaire's Bacon in San Francisco

Millionaire's Bacon: You don't have to be a millionaire to eat it, but you might feel like one when you do. That's because this thick-cut delicacy is covered in sugar and spices and slow cooked for hours, which makes it a sumptuous, mouthwatering, savory-sweet treat. Restaurants across San Francisco are now serving up millionaire's bacon on the regular and you can find it in a huge variety of dining establishments, from upscale cafes to hole-in-the-wall diners. It's just another example of how the Bay Area is always innovating when it comes to food and wine (like the Impossible Burger). Here are the best places for you to try millionaire's bacon in the San Francisco area.

Sweet Maple (2101 Sutter St.)

Want the original millionaire's bacon? Head to Sweet Maple. This laid-back cafe has a menu that is Asian-inspired, featuring local ingredients. Sweet Maple's millionaire's bacon is cooked for hours with brown sugar and spicy peppers, and it's thick and chewy. The restaurant recommends that you pair it with a spicy Bloody Mary. If you want to get to Sweet Maple, you can take a bus. The 3, 22, 38, and other Muni lines stop nearby.

Taylor Street Coffee Shop (375 Taylor St.)

Want an off-the-beaten-path place where you can feel like a local while you enjoy breakfast? Check out Taylor Street Coffee Shop. This no-frills breakfast joint has a whole breakfast menu, but the millionaire's bacon is certainly the standout. You can also choose from a selection of egg dishes, omelets, melts and more. The coffee shop is located close to Union Square, so it's easy to get to no matter where you are in town. Simply take Muni light rail or BART to Powell Street.

Kitchen Story (3499 16th St.)

Kitchen Story, located in the heart of the Castro, serves up an Asian-inspired menu. The restaurant is run by the same people that started Sweet Maple, and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can get the millionaire's bacon in the morning, or have it in the evening (say, on top of your burger). Getting to Kitchen Story is simple; just hop on BART to 16th and Mission Streets. The F Line streetcar and J line of Muni light rail also stop nearby.

The Saratoga (1000 Larkin St.)

If you want to eat millionaire's bacon in an atmosphere that also makes you feel like a millionaire, there's no better place to do it than The Saratoga. This upscale eatery located in the Tenderloin, known for its world-class cocktails, serves up their bacon at brunch time and they take it a step further than the rest: they call it billionaire's bacon, and they serve it with molasses, rum, and maple syrup. To get to The Saratoga, take Muni light rail or BART to Civic Center or the number 49 Muni bus to Van Ness Avenue and Sutter Street.

Blackwood (2150 Chestnut St.)

Blackwood is an American/Thai fusion restaurant, and it serves up millionaire's bacon in a variety of ways. Get it as a breakfast side, or as part of Kai Gata, a traditional Thai breakfast that also has two fried eggs, a pork roll, chicken mango, scallions, carrots, fried onion and Maggi sauce. To get to Blackwood in the Marina, hop on the number 30 Muni bus to Chestnut and Pierce Streets.

Fillmore Social Club (1521 Eddy St.)

Looking for a restaurant where you can get a variety of snacks and casual eats? Try Fillmore Social Club, which is a Korean-fusion restaurant. Fillmore Social Club comes from the same masterminds behind Sweet Maple and Kitchen Story, so you can expect a similar dish. To get to there, take the number 22 Muni bus to Fillmore and Eddy Streets.

Berkeley Social Club (2050 University Ave., Berkeley)

Millionaire's bacon isn't limited to San Francisco proper. It's also in Berkeley, at the Berkeley Social Club. This restaurant serves a fusion of American and Korean food. During breakfast time, you can get millionaire's bacon in a variety of ways, including in a scramble, as a side dish, as a part of a Benedict and more.

Fred's Place Coffee Shop (1917 Bridgeway, Sausalito)

This casual daytime joint is the perfect place to stop for a relaxed, delicious meal if you decide to venture to Sausalito. The millionaire's bacon at Fred's is thick, cage-free bacon, glazed with brown sugar and sprinkled with red and black pepper.

Kitchen Sunnyside (31 Sunnyside Ave. #1, Mill Valley)

Kitchen Sunnyside, a breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Mill Valley in Marin also serves up millionaire's bacon. You can get it as a side, in a Benedict, or simply have it as your whole meal!

Danville Brewing Co. (200 Railroad Ave. A, Danville)

This brewery-cum-restaurant in Danville doesn't just serve up awesome beers. It also has millionaire's bacon, which you can get on top of your burger (along with an egg!). Danville Brewing Co. is located in Danville, which is part of the Tri-Valley region.


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