San Francisco's Armory

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August 21, 2014

Exploring San Francisco's Armory

San Francisco's Mission District is one of the city's most colorful and vibrant neighborhoods. But nestled between the markets, cafes, dive bars and murals of the area lies a building that clearly stands out amongst the rest — a 200,000 square foot reproduced Moorish Castle known as Armory Studios.

Located at the corner of 14th and Mission Street and completed in 1914, the castle previously served as a National Guard facility until 1976. During the 1934 riots, officers used it as both a barricade and safety point. The building sat vacant for about 40 years (used only once by George Lucas to film the first "Star Wars" film) until Armory Studios, LLC acquired the Armory in 2007 for a much different purpose — adult entertainment.

Want to get inside one of San Francisco's most interesting locations? Studio tours are held on a regular basis and include a 90-minute journey through the Armory's five floors. Guests will be able to explore the dark dungeons, decadent Upper Floor and elements of the castle's past, as well as elaborate and cinematic sets used in production in present day.

There's a lot of experiences that can be considered "Only in San Francisco," and the Armory definitely tops that list (where else can you mix early 20th century history with adult entertainment?). Not to mention, studio tours make a great bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, or just a way to spice up the week with friends after happy hour. For tour information, click here.

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